A Book by its Cover We've got graphics!

Well, the day has finally come. Kristine Cottermann over at Exodus Design has been working with us diligently to finalize the cover of We Never Stood Alone.

(wait for it) (wait for it) (or if you’re impatient, scroll down and click the thumbnail)

In today’s marketplace the front cover of a book may well be more important than ever. Most people will shop online, and their first impression of your book will be based on a thumbnail of the cover. They really need to be able to read the title, and get some idea of the mood, the genre and the content. Kristine has featured the title prominently, but has also included the other three elements. The color scheme sets the mood as somber but not dark. The incoming aircraft tell us this is historical fiction. They are German Dornier 17 bombers, not as common as Heinkels during the blitz, but very distinctive. The cross tells us this is Christian fiction, and the family tells us that this is not a combat novel, but more likely a family story. Really the only element missing that’s important to the story is the church community. We toyed with having a church in the picture, but it didn’t really work, so . . . here it is:

cover final

Click for a full sized view.

Where do we go from here?

Even as we speak Kristine is working on the back cover and a few other graphics based on the front cover design. We’re also just above finished with the proofread of the interior. When all that is done we’ll upload the package to Createspace, our print on demand provider, and get a printed proof for one last look. At that point we should be able to set a release date! We’ll announce a couple of great give-aways when we announce the date.

But before that we’re going to do a post we hope you will share, a basic ‘coming soon’ post for We Never Stood Alone. When you see it, especially on Facebook, please, please, please share it on your timeline.


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