The Danish Resistance and Number the Stars A nation's resolve and a child's faith


The faith and courage of the Danish people, both Jews and Gentiles, led to a remarkable rescue.

A few weeks ago, in my day job, I preached a sermon called Number the Stars which featured an overview of the Danish rescue of the Jews and highlights from the well-known Lois Lowry children’s book. The main point of the sermon was that, like the Biblical patriarch Abraham, God’s people need to live by faith. Though not pointing directly to Christ, I felt that Lowry’s book explored the growing faith of a child even in the most difficult of circumstances, when surrounded by faithful adults.

Here’s how I opened the sermon:

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Later I used Number the Stars to illustrate the steadfastness of the Danes, and how Annemarie, the book’s heroine, learned both the cruelty of the world and the need to trust.

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Here’s a link to the whole sermon: Number the Stars, Genesis 12:1-5, Genesis 15:1-21

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