Hidden Valor A play based on the European Resistance movements

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A friend of mine, Michelle Murray, runs a language arts and drama school in our area. Every year she uses our church building to stage her productions, from simple skits for her youngest students to full musicals for her older students.

This year her senior drama class is performing a play called Hidden Valor. Michelle wrote this play a few years ago based on her research into the resistance movements in occupied Europe. The play focuses on a group of French speaking female SOE agents who were smuggled to France from Britain in 1943. Woven in are glimpses of the German resistance, Dutch resistance (the ten Boom family) and American Special Operations under ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan.

Another friend and I are filming the play so that Michelle can sell production rights to interested theater groups. Over the next several weeks I’ll post some scenes from the play along with some of the historical backstories.

We made a teaser from the first rough footage – we’re filming more seriously next week. It focuses on Noor Inayat Khan, also known as Nora Baker, Madeleine and Jeanne-Marie Rennier. an Allied Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent of Indian and American origin.

There are only three performances left in his run:
Thursday March 26, 7:00pm
Friday March 27, 7:00pm
Saturday March 28, 2:00pm
(performed at Trinity Fellowship, 301 Leisure Lane, Friendswood, TX, 77546)

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