Planned Parenthood and the Holocaust, Part 1 Dehumanization by Euphemism and Rationale

Planned Parenthood and the Moral Blindness of the Holocaust, Part 1.

Planned Parenthood and their propagandists have embraced the same moral blindness that enabled the Holocaust. In the holocaust the sub-humanity of the Jews and other races was an excuse for every extremity of moral excess. In the same way Planned Parenthood embraces the non-humanity of infants as an excuse for every extremity of moral excess. The propagandists of Planned Parenthood have blinded themselves to the plain sense of what is happening in the abortion clinics, just as the propagandists of the holocaust blinded themselves, and much of the world, to the plain sense of what was happening in the concentration camps. God’s people must not allow themselves to be persuaded by their darkened reasoning.
This is the first of three posts developing these ideas:
Part 1: Dehumanization by Euphemism and Rationale. (this post)
Part 2: The Propagandist
Part 3: The Will Not to Believe

I’ve written before about the effects of the dehumanization that occurred during the Second World War. The clearest example, of course, is the Holocaust. To Hitler and to many of his followers the Jews were sub-human, Untermenschen. In Mein Kampf Hitler likened the Jews to a bacillus and a parasite. They were called rats and vermin, or blood-thirsty animals. Thus the German people came to regard the Jews not as human beings but as a dehumanized embodiment of evil. And so, when the orders came down to round up the Jews in ghettos, and then to ship them to camps, and then to hook up the carbon monoxide trucks or drop in the gas canisters, they obeyed without questioning. They accepted the behavior in their own minds. They enjoyed their lives, as evidenced by the deeply disturbing pictures in the Höcker Album.

Murder on an industrial scale, with millions of victims, required the cooperation and participation of large number of German (and local) civilians, military officers and Nazi officials. It cannot be completely established how many of these participated unwillingly, but no small number, like Blobel and Eichmann, participated energetically and even enthusiastically. There is little doubt that many justified their actions on the basis of the propaganda naming the Jews as the greatest threat to the German race.

And they were masters of the euphemism. In Auschwitz there were two kinds of prisoner: registered and un-registered. Few or no records were kept of the unregistered prisoners, those designated for immediate death. But for several years records were kept for registered prisoners, those selected for labor-to-death, those who received prisoner numbers (as tattoos). Several of the ‘death-books’ listing these prisoners have survived, and in them we find hundreds of entries recording death by heart attack or other coronary failure. Even in a population of thousands, hundreds of people do not die every month from heart failure. The German were lying, making up natural causes of death for those shot, beaten, gassed or tortured to death. But of course they didn’t called this gassing or shooting, these were ‘actions’ by ‘special action groups’ or ‘special treatment’ at ‘special lodging centers.’

In addition to simple murder, of course, the Germans also performed extensive medical experiments on Jewish bodies, along with Russians, gypsies and others. They subjected the victims to extreme cold, radiation, experimental drugs, mutilating surgeries, sterilization, and other painful and dehumanizing protocols. In most cases these resulted in death. They justified these tortures as contributing to scientific knowledge that could save many lives (and make a better race).

How is a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic like a Nazi death camp? The first essential similarity is that Planned Parenthood views the unborn (and those born alive in the process of abortion) as sub-human, or more particularly, non-human. They call infants ‘tissue’ or ‘products’ or more fully, ‘products of conception.’ This is carried to extremes that are hard to fathom. The following quotes are from a Dr. Jen Gunter, an OB/GYN writing who wrote an article for New Republic. (July 23, 2015). The last quote is from her web site. She took issue with the use of the term “baby parts” to refer to the organs and tissues ‘donated’ for medical research.

“These are not ‘baby parts.’” Gunter wrote, “Whether a woman has a miscarriage or an abortion, the tissue specimen is called ‘products of conception,’” “Calling the tissue ‘baby parts’ is a calculated attempt to anthropomorphize an embryo or fetus.” “Using incorrect terminology isn’t just sloppy, it has a purpose — the babyfication of the embryo and it’s just one more back door way to erode choice.”

“Choice,” of course, is also a euphemism for killing the unborn. It’s like the term ‘racial purity,’ in Nazi literature – a higher moral value that overrides all common moral intuitions.

The second similarity is that some of the people performing these ‘tissue donation’ abortions are energetic and enthusiastic, while others are unwilling. The third video in the Center for Medical Progress’ ‘Human Capital’ series features an extensive interview with Holly O’Donnell, a former procurement technician with Planned Parenthood partner StemExpress. She describes in the video how one abortionist thought it was “kinda cool” to arbitrarily stop and start an aborted baby’s heart after the (failed) abortion.

Hey, Holly, come over here. I want you to see something kinda cool. This is kinda neat,’” an abortionist told O’Donnell. “The moment I see it, I’m just flabbergasted. This is the most gestated fetus and the closest thing to a baby I’ve seen. [The abortionist] has one of her instruments and she just taps the heart and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus and it’s heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think.

O’Donnell also described how the abortionist made her harvest the baby’s brain by cutting his face open with scissors. This was the moment when O’Donnell decided she could no longer do this work.

The third similarity is that these acts of murder are being done, like those of Josef Mengele and other Nazi doctors, in the name of medical science. Somehow that is supposed to excuse or justify the most egregious evils. It is true that fetal tissue has been used for decades. Kidney cells, and a few others that will reproduce outside the body, have been used to incubate viruses for vaccines. But embryonic stem cell research, which was supposed to be the cure for a whole host of diseases, has proven almost useless. Adult stem cells, on the other hand, are being used to fight 80 or more diseases.

So the common factors are the dehumanization of human beings through allegiance to a blinding philosophy (racial purity or women’s choice), an extensive use of euphemism to sanitize what is being done and a cover story of medical research. In the second part of this series we’ll see the impact of propaganda on the acceptance of the atrocities.

Part 1: Dehumanization by Euphemism and Rationale (this post)
Part 2: The propagandist
Part 3: The Will Not to Believe


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  3. Excellent article, Bob. The similarities are frightening and should call every believer to not be silent. I just finished watching “Forgiving Dr. Mengele” which is the story of the atrocities Dr. Mengele performed on twins at Auschwitz as told from the viewpoint of some of the surviving twins. It also has a powerful message about forgiveness. I have often called abortion the American Holocaust.

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