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Now available in print, as an e-book, or as a free PDF for joining our mailing list.

Repatriation, which started as a series of episodes for Christmas 2014, has been completely revised, professionally edited and is available on Amazon – print or Kindle.

In December 1941, Canadian Army Nurse Helen Chandler was captured by the Japanese as they overran Hong Kong. After twenty-one months of captivity, she is on a ship with 1500 other Allied internees, sailing toward an unknown destination and a hoped-for exchange. She longs for her home and her family but after all that has happened, can she really go home?

Repatriation . . . . n. the process of returning a person to their place of origin or citizenship. From late Latin repatriate, to return to one’s fatherland , to go home again.

Based on the historical account of two Canadian Army nurses sent to Hong Kong in late 1941 with 2400 men of the doomed ‘C’ Force Repatriation explores the heart’s return to its fatherland.

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Repatriation is on Amazon Buy now, or join our mailing list to get a free PDF version. — 1 Comment

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