Repatriation and What You Really Want for Christmas the spiritual backstory and links

Repatriation is a five part story based on several threads of World War 2 history.

I’ve discussed elsewhere the fact that my day job for more than twenty years has been as the pastor of Trinity Fellowship, and Evangelical Free Church in Friendswood, Texas. I’ve written several stories over the years for use in ministry to the church, especially at Christmas and Easter. I wrote Repatriation in 2014 for the church’s Christmas series, “What You Really Want for Christmas.”

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So the spiritual goal of Repatriation was to show that even in incredibly challenging life circumstances, God can give hope, peace, joy, His presence, and love. The five episodes of the story correspond to the five gifts listed above.

Here are links to the videos of the five sermons. They include both my message on a Bible text and my telling of the corresponding episode from Repatriation. (Note that the written version of the story was edited a bit for the website.)

What You Really Want for Christmas…Hope – Luke 2:22-38 (Episode 1)

What you really want for Christmas…Peace – Isaiah 9:6-7 (Episode 2)

What You Really Want for Christmas…Joy – Luke 1:5-17 (Episode 3)

What You Really Want for Christmas…Presence – Matthew 1:18-25 (Episode 4)

What You Really Want for Christmas…Love – 1 John 4:9-10 (Episode 5)

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