Top Ten Research Questions for One Chapter I'm working on the second Stokely Chronicle

millions of cats

Every chapter of the Stokely Chronicle requires all kinds of research.

This week I’ve been working on Volume 2 of The Stokley Chronicles. This new story will carry the people of Stokely Free Church deeper into the greatest war the world has ever known. Without giving away too much plot, here are the top ten things I’ve researched for just one chapter of the new book, in order of how much fun the research was:

10. When did they catch the train? Railway Schedules

9. When was sunrise that day? Sunrise / Sunset times (and phases of the moon)

8. What hymns did they sing? Hymnals

7. What was that like? December 29, 1940

st pauls blitz6. Where did that picture come from? The War’s Greatest Picture

5. What might he have been working on? The Wizard War

4. What happens when you get hit in the head with a wall? Concussion

3. And how do you treat that? Tincture of Iodine

2. What was that he was working on? Wotan (or Odin)

and my personal favorite:

1. What was she reading to the kids? “Millwins and billwins and twillwins of cats”

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